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NEPS Incredible Years Programme 2018-2019

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NEPS Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Programme 2018-2019

Information for Schools and Teachers in the DEIS School Support Programme

About the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Programme (IYTCM)
The Incredible Years, developed by Dr Carolyn Webster Stratton, is a series of programmes, for teachers and parents that are designed to reduce challenging behaviours in children and to increase their social, emotional and self-regulation skills. The Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Programme (IYTCM) focuses on strengthening teacher classroom management strategies and improving teacher-parent relationships. This leads to an increase in children’s social, emotional and academic competence and reduces classroom aggression and disruptive behaviour. Research, internationally and in Ireland, supports the effectiveness of the programme in significantly improving child behaviour, classroom environment and building teacher skill and confidence.

Under the Action Plan for Education 2019 and the DEIS Action Plan 2017, NEPS is offering a further 50 Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Training programmes nationally in the school year 2018-2019, specifically targeting schools in the DEIS School Support Programme.

What does the training cover?
Teachers attend 6 full-day workshops spaced approximately one month apart. The programme follows a collaborative model of training that makes extensive use of teacher discussion, role play, viewing vignettes of teachers in real classrooms and developing behaviour plans for individual children. Between sessions, teachers are expected to practice the new skills and concepts in their own classrooms, reflect on and share experiences at the next session, further develop and implement their behaviour plans for individual children and complete assigned reading from the text ‘Incredible Teachers’. Throughout the programme, teachers are supported to set and monitor goals for themselves, as well as for the children they teach, and to help each other to achieve their goals. The topics covered across the six workshops are:
- Building Positive Relationships with Students
- Preventing Problems & being a Proactive Teacher
- Using Positive Attention, Encouragement & Praise
- Motivating Children through effective use of Incentives
- Decreasing Children’s Inappropriate Behaviours
- Increasing Children’s Prosocial Skills and Building Social And Emotional Competence

Who should attend?
Class teachers, Special Education teachers and Principals will all benefit from attending this training. In this second year of the roll-out a balance between class teachers and special education teachers across the class groupings will be offered places. Ideally schools should develop a plan to have all staff trained over the three-year implementation period. Schools should, as far as possible, facilitate a minimum of two teachers attending a programme and can nominate up to 6/8 teachers per programme.

The Department of Education and Skills will cover the cost of teacher substitution, refreshments/ lunch and course materials for teachers in DEIS SSP schools.
This will include the core text ‘Incredible Teachers’ and all workshop handouts.
*teachers travel expenses are not covered

How to apply
Principals are asked to contact their local/nearest Education Centre for application forms. For programmes commencing from September 2018 application forms will be available from 27th August 2018. 

Application Process
Please contact your local/nearest Education Centre for an application form which will be available from August 27th 2018.  This form will be sent to you by email. Application forms must be completed by the school principals and teachers and returned by post or email by locally advised closing date.

Please note: Attendance at all 6 workshops is required for certification. We understand that at times schools may experience difficulties securing substitute cover. We would ask that principals make contingency arrangements to allow teachers to continue to attend in such situations. You may also wish consider the number of teachers you send to ensure such contingencies can be managed.

What Teachers trained by NEPS group leaders say?
“IY changed the game in managing children's behaviour. From being one of pressure and anxiety to being a creative exercise where the ones with the power (school staff) manage it constructively to give troubled children choices. Even troubled children cope better with the choices.”

“It has made a huge difference to the lives of the children and the staff it was the best thing we ever did.” 

“Some of the staff are saying this year that they can really notice kids that have gone through 3, maybe 4 years of IY. They'd really notice a huge change in the kids in 5th and 6th class as to how calm they are, and how easy it is to set the class and how responsive they are and how much even some of the teachers are actually enjoying classes now, as opposed to…previously”.

“Just such an atmosphere of positivity now, focusing in on the positive all the time as opposed to focused in on the negative behaviours”.

Workshop Dates
  • Workshop 1 -  Thursday 27th September 2018
  • Workshop 2 -  Thursday 25th October 2018
  • Workshop 3 -  Thursday 29th November 2018
  • Workshop 4 -  Thursday 17th January 2019
  • Workshop 5 -  Thursday 14th February 2019
  • Workshop 6 - Thursday 14th March 2019
The course will run from 9am to 3pm on each of the days.

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