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Nurture Group Theory & Practice Course - October/November 2019

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Nurture Group Theory & Practice Course

DATES:       Thursdays, 17th October, 24th October and 14th November 2019
TIME:          4.30pm to 8.30pm
VENUE:      Clare Education Centre
FEE:            €150 per participant to cover the cost of resources and books, and also correction of the optional assignment should you wish to submit it for certification. 
TRAINER:   Marie Delaney is a nurture group practitioner, teacher, educational psychotherapist and author of  ‘Attachment for Teachers’.                                 

This course is suitable for:
  • Those who wish to set up and run a nurture group.
  • Those who wish to support pupils who need to ‘settle to learn’.
  • Those who wish to support at risk children.
  • Teachers and SNAs who want to adopt a more nurturing approach while working with children who have SEBD and attachment difficulties.
Nurture Group Theory and Practice Course - supporting pupils who need to ‘settle to learn’ 
  • The practicalities of setting up and running a nurture group – early years, primary and secondary
  • Up-to-date research in attachment theory and neuroscience and the practical applications in the classroom
  • Child development and learning : the effects of loss, trauma and neglect on learning and behaviour
  • Using the Boxall Profile to assess pupils’ developmental difficulties, blocks to learning and to devise practical strategies to support them in transition back to class
  • Developing the curriculum to promote pupils’ social, emotional and learning skills
  • Developing a whole-school nurturing approach and promoting wellbeing
  • Monitoring and evaluation through a structured, evidence-based, planned approach.
We know that education is a major protective factor in  preventing social exclusion and predicting success in life. Children and young people who attend school regularly attain well, learn to make friends, and are significantly more likely to find skilled employment, to avoid antisocial or criminal behaviour and to enjoy good mental health. There are pupils in our schools – in primary and post-primary -  who seem unable to ‘settle to learn,  who have not developed the necessary social, emotional and behavioural skills for learning.  They do not respond to the teaching offered, either withdrawing or behaving aggressively to teachers and fellow pupils. These children make little progress, often reaching the stage of exclusion. They can have a profound, negative   effect on other pupils and class morale. Much of this can be prevented. For more than 40 years, nurture groups have been demonstrating that, with the right help and support, such children and young people can successfully and cost-effectively be included in mainstream schools.

Delegate resource pack will include:
  • Course materials
  • A copy of the Boxall Profile (primary)/Boxall Profile for Young People (post-primary) Handbook
  • A copy of Beyond the Boxall Profile: Strategies and Resources/Beyond the Boxall Profile for Young People: Strategies and Resources publications.
All participants will have the opportunity to submit an optional assignment to NurtureUK  for certification as a Certified Nurture Group Practitioner.

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