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POST PRIMARY NEWSLETTER - 9th September 2019

Clare Education Centre Newsletter - Post Primary

Newsletter - 9th September 2019

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Dyslexia Courses Ireland -  Dyslexia at second level:  Factsheets for teachers

Please see a copy of the Factsheets on Dyslexia at second level which have been updated in August 2019 attached. There are 18 Factsheets and they include Factsheet 16 on how parents can support the student and Factsheet 17 on study skills for the student.  Also attached is a handout on the many resources/websites/apps which teachers attending our courses are using in the classroom and highly recommend.  In particular the last page has a list of websites that would help students in making presentations which is very much part of the Junior Certificate now. 

They are available for free download on the website which also has the following available for download. 

  • Tips for Students with Dyslexia who find English Paper 1 in the Leaving Certificate challenging.
  • Ten Study Tips for Junior Certificate Students with Dyslexia.
  • Strategies/Resources for Mainstream Teachers who have some SEN classes.We are continuing to offer the following

We are continuing to offer the following.

  • Course on dyslexia for the mainstream team, in particular, those with SEN classes and very little training in SEN.
  • Maths and Dyslexia.
  • Course for teachers on the study skills which support the student with dyslexia.
  • Study skills workshop for Senior Cycle students with dyslexia.

Anti-Bullying Centre, DCU - New Schools Programme, FUSE - Calling All Teachers to Register for Anti-Bullying Schools Programme

DCU’s National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre in partnership with Facebook calls on Teachers to Register for FUSE the Anti-Bullying Training Programme for Post-Primary Schools

Dublin - 4th September 2019: The National Anti-Bullying Centre (ABC) at Dublin City University is announcing the first set of dates for FUSE, a research based programme to train teachers in how to tackle bullying both online and offline. ABC is urging teachers in post-primary schools to register for one day of training on either September 24th, 25th or 26th. 

See document attached with all the information required for the initial registration. Register here  

Expressions of Interest from teachers who would like to lead a Community of Practice in their subject area - EOI Community of Practice 

Clare Education Centre is taking Expressions of Interest from teachers who would like to lead a Community of Practice in their subject area. 
Communities of Practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly (Wegner-Trayner 2015).   
Communities of Practice allow teachers to: 

  • Learn something new everytime
  • Collaborate with others
  • engage in meaningful exchanges with teachers
  • Bring material to share
  • Demonstrate an idea, an activity etc
  • Ask for advice
  • Help a colleague

Communities of Practice are run by teachers for teachers.  They are chaired by a teacher.  You choose the topics to be discussed.  Meetings are held in Clare Education Centre.  
If interested in leading or joining a Community of Practice, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your contact details and subject of interest.
Kind regards
Ray McInerney, Director
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At Clare Education Centre, we would love to have some form of representation of each school in the county on display around the Centre.  This representation could be in the form of a photograph of the school, the school crest, some art from the school, a collage of school activities etc.  If the representations were A3 size, we would have them framed and hung on the walls here at the Centre.  Hopefully, this would add to the sense of welcome teachers get when they attend the Education Centre and also reflect the schools served.  Please post your representations to the Centre or drop them in, and we will arrange for framing.  

Coaching Skills for School Leaders - QQI Level 6 Special Purpose Award in Life and Workplace Coaching (Specialising in Educational Leadership Coaching)  

The Clare Education Centre in association with CoachAcademy PLUS is delighted to offer this Coaching Skills for School Leaders - QQI Level 6 Special Purpose Award in Life and Workplace Coaching (Specialising in Educational Leadership Coaching).  
This unique training programme is designed for School Principals, Deputy Principals, Assistant Principals and Aspiring School Leaders.  This Programme will run from October 2019 to May 2020 over 24 Tuesdays and 4 Saturdays at the Clare Education Centre.  Places are limited.  Closing date for receipt of Application Form is September 20 - click here for application form.  A detailed course description can be downloaded HERE.   If you have any questions or need further information about this Coach Training Programme for School Leaders please contact Noel Brosnan on 086 8063792 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Workshops/Seminars Autumn 2019

NEPS GROUP PLANNING SESSION- POST PRIMARY SCHOOLS - Wednesday, 11th September 2019 (2pm to 4pm) COST: FREE
The Group Planning Session will be invaluable for your school in providing you with the opportunity to engage in a broad range of topics pertinent to the service NEPS will be offering to your school.  Topics will include:  NEPS Model of Service, Policy and Practice; Forms and Consent; Critical Incident Support; Child Protection; Schools role prior to NEPS involvement in casework; Government Strategy on Wellbeing; NEPS Online Resources; Support and Development plan for 2019-2020.  REGISTER HERE.  

BREATHING SPACE COURSE IN WELL-BEING, SELF-CARE AND RENEWAL - 16th, 23rd and 30th September and 7th October (Monday evenings) (7pm to 9pm) - COST: €40
This Course is focused upon the teacher’s needs in terms of your physical, emotional and mental well-being, with a passionate belief that in any school community, the very essence and foundation of all teaching and learning begins with the educator.  So this course strives to bring care and attention to the teacher/school leader in order to create an improved and enjoyable work/life balance for you.  REGISTER HERE

A Community of Practice for Educators who teach and work with students who have Special Educational Needs.  It may also be of interest to educators with an interest in Digital Teaching Methodologies in the area of SEN.  Educators who are studying the area of SEN / Digital Technologies at third level are welcome to share their practice and expertise with the group.  REGISTER HERE

This workshop aims to develop the skills required by students to successfully and independently complete Classroom Based Assessments in Science.  The workshop will comprise of hands on activities that will help students acquire the skills needed: to develop a research question (ensuring student choice is to the fore); to develop the planning skills required to successfully approach all aspects of the Classroom Based Assessments; to develop the skills required to evaluate sources for relevance and bias; to reflect and make adjustments to their plans and work and to analyse their final product (self-assessment). 
Register here.  

THE MIDDLE LEADER – A KEY MEMBER OF THE SCHOOL COMMUNITY - 30th September, 7th and 14th October 2019 (3 evenings - 7pm to 9.30pm)  COST: €30
This Workshop is aimed at teachers who currently hold or aspire to positions of leadership in post primary schools.  For more information and to register Click here.  

TEACHER WELLBEING AND RESILIENCE WORKSHOP - Monday, 30th September and Monday, 14th October 2019 (7pm to 9pm)  COST: €20
This workshop is designed to educate and to empower teachers with the insight and tools to make positive changes to enhance their personal and workplace health, wellbeing and resilience.  REGISTER HERE.  

GETTING STARTED WITH RESTORATIVE PRACTICES FOR SCHOOLS - Tuesday evenings – 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd October 2019 (4pm to 6pm)  COST: €40
Are you interested in having stronger and happier relationships in your classroom, school, family, workplace and your community, and in being able to resolve conflict positively? If you are, then read on!   Restorative Practice (RP) is both a way of being and a set of skills for building strong relationships and resolving conflict in a simple and emotionally healthy manner.  REGISTER HERE!

MINDFULNESS: COMING INTO THE CALM OF THE PRESENT MOMENT - 3rd, 10th,17th, 24th October and 7th November (7pm to 9pm) COST: €30
Too often, we live either in the future or in the past. The future can be full of worries, concerns, planning, anticipations, anxieties or fears. The past can be filled with regrets, doubts or suspicions. Many times we are not aware of how much of our time is spent in such places. We spend so much energy worrying about what might happen, (anticipating the worse possible scenario,) when we need to stay in the present and experience what is happening.  REGISTER HERE.

INTERVIEW SUCCESS - 3rd October 2019 (6pm to 8pm) COST:€10
GETTING THE PERSON-JOB FIT RIGHT BENEFITS EVERYONE LET’S START THE CONVERSATION … A topic of huge interest to Education Leaders, Interviewing Panels & Teachers alike, across all sectors.  How do we ensure that the values and aspirations of incoming staff, or those internally who are seeking promotion, match the core values of your school.  REGISTER HERE.

SUBJECT PLANNING SESSION FOR SUBJECT COORDINATORS - 3rd October 2019 (4.30pm to 6.30pm)  COST: €10
Discussion based workshop for subject coordinators in relation to maximising the efficiency of subject planning meetings. The session will focus on the following: Establishing meeting norms; Running effective meetings; Identifying and prioritising Agenda items and Using Digital approaches to increase productivity.  Register here

EMOTIONAL HEALTH, WELL-BEING AND MINDFULNESS FOR RETIRED TEACHERS- Mondays - 7th, 14th, 21st October and 4th November 2019 (10am to 12pm) COST:  €40
Register here for this Emotional Health, Well-being and Mindfulness for Retired Teachers 4 week course.

WELLBEING AND RESILIENCE WORKSHOP FOR SNAS AND AUXILIARY STAFF - Monday, 7th October and Monday, 21st October 2019  (5pm to 7pm)  COST: €20
This Workshop is suitable for both Primary and Post Primary SNAs and Auxiliary Staff.  REGISTER HERE.  


‘… Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom’    Viktor Frankl
This Talk/Workshop seeks to get past the definitions of workplace ‘bullying’ and ‘harrassment’, Laws and Acts, to drill down to the reality experienced in workplaces in the stranglehold of debilitating toxicity and to consider strategies and actions to co-create a bi-directional flow of goodwill, care and consideration between management, staff and students, which will ultimately transform the entire ‘culture’ of the school.  REGISTER HERE.  

School leadership is a hugely demanding job with on-going change a fact of everyday life. People in leadership are conscious of huge expectations on them and searching for ways to manage stress and share the burden of leadership.  We are also in a transition period as we move from hierarchical models to more participative, collaborative, team-based models that enable, empower and develop people.  In this workshop, we want to look at a practical framework for thinking about how we can be effective around change, at how we can handle conflict and some of the destructive dynamics around leaders, and at ways to survive and stay in good shape as leaders.  REGISTER HERE

QPR training is an internationally recognised research based, peer reviewed, heavily evaluated suicide prevention programme. This programme is now delivered worldwide by registered trainers with the QPR Institute in Spokane, Washington. Teachers and school personnel are ideally placed to identify students who may be going through a tough time. To support them initially and to refer them on for professional support and guidance.  REGISTER HERE.  

SEAI Junior Cycle Teacher Workshops (details below)  
Two workshops for Junior Cycle teachers will take place on the below dates in Clare Location Education Centre. Delivered by SEAI, on the topic of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, these workshops are part of the JCT STE(A)M initiative.
Workshop 1: Energy in Action - Wednesday, 23rd Oct (4pm to 7pm) - REGISTER HERE for Workshop 1
Workshop 2: Sustainable Solutions - Wednesday, 27th November (4pm to 7pm) - REGISTER HERE for Workshop 2

LÁMH - SIGN LANGUAGE COURSE - Saturday, 2nd of November 2019 (9.30am to 4pm)  COST: €60
This course is for staff members and professionals who have started to work in an environment where Lámh is used and covers 100 Lámh signs and how to support a Lámh user.  REGISTER HERE.  

THE ROLE OF THE YEAR HEAD IN THE POST PRIMARY SCHOOL - 9th November 2019 (9am to 5pm) COST: €30
This Workshop is aimed at year heads in schools, and those aspiring to the position of year head.  Click here to register.  

TEACHING THE TIN-WHISTLE IN THE CLASSROOM - 12th, 19th November 2019 (4pm to 6pm)  COST: €10
Playing and listening to music can have huge benefits for children.  However, for many teachers, teaching the tin-whistle in the classroom can be daunting.  This course will:- take teachers from a complete beginner level to teaching simple tunes (airs, marches and polkas) in the classroom.  Explore listening and responding through the medium of traditional Irish music.  REGISTER HERE.  

THE RESILIENT LEADER - Monday, 18th November 2019 (2pm to 4pm)  COST: €10
This Seminar will be delivered by Shane Martin C.Psychol.,Ps.S.I.  Shane Martin is a psychologist dedicated to teaching the very best evidence-based psychology to help people protect their mental health and enhance the quality of their lives.  This Seminar is suitable for School Leaders.  Resilience is a key characteristic of high-performing leaders. We need to cultivate it within ourselves in order to advance and thrive. Resilient leaders help protect the energy of the people in their teams. They ‘bounce back’ from setbacks and misfortune and tap into their inner-strengths not only to cope but to rise above challenges.  REGISTER HERE.  


Join the waiting list for the following Workshops/Seminars 

THE IMPORTANCE OF A POSITIVE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT FOR EFFECTIVENESS AND WELLBEING - Tuesday, 17th September 2019 (1.30pm to 4pm) COST: Free for Deputy Principals ONLY
Declan Coyle presents this Seminar which is suitable for Deputy Principals at a Primary and Post Primary level.  In life we do two things. We think and we feel. We either think and feel about what we want to create and attract into our lives on the positive inner Green Platform, or we think and feel about what we don't want to create and attract into our lives on the negative Red Platform.  Join waiting list HERE

LÁMH - MODULE ONE ADD-ON WORKSHOP FOR COMMUNICATION PARTNERS OF CHILDREN USING LÁMH - Wednesday, 18th and 25th September 2019 (6.30pm to 8.30pm) COST: €60
Course Overview: Communication partners of children who use Lámh and who have completed Module One can attend this practical workshop that looks at encouraging Lámh use as well as adding to their Lámh sign vocabulary.  Join waiting list HERE.  


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