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Summer Holidays

School Holidays

On behalf of the Clare Education Centre Staff and Management Committee I would like to sincerely thank all the Teachers, SNAs and Parents who engaged in our online webinars over the last number of months.  Little did we think when the schools closed on March 12th that we would not return to school this academic year.  The last couple of months have brought change, uncertainty and anxiety but in the midst of this, teachers and staff working in our schools have responded in an extraordinary fashion to ensure continuity of learning for their students.  The response of Teachers and SNAs has been characterised by their incredible efforts to learn and implement new IT skills; to develop, create and share online teaching resources; to support each other and collaborate in embracing online teaching platforms and to develop skills and competence in recording lessons and engaging in both recorded and live online teaching.   Education is a relational process, and Teachers and SNAs have to be acknowledged and congratulated for their efforts in connecting with students, checking in, considering their well-being and seeking to meet their learning needs in spite of the challenges posed by technology (or lack thereof). 

The Education Support Centre of Ireland Network has worked tirelessly over the last number of months in helping schools navigate this new online space. I would like to thank Navan Education & Support Centre, Monaghan Education Centre and Education Centre Tralee in particular for their support and partnership over the last number of months. 

For now, I wish you all a very well-deserved holiday.   September will bring further uncertainty but there will be time to plan and we will approach the new school year with new skills, a greater sense of support and experience of successfully dealing with the greatest of teaching challenges.

Some of you have made the decision to retire, to move schools or to take leave.  I wish you every success in the next stage of your lives and careers and hope that the future brings hope and happiness.

Director, Staff and Management Committee of Clare Education Centre 

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