Webinar for school principals: Covid-19 and Schools – the Public Health Approach

Covid-19 and Schools – the Public Health Approach
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All school principals and/or deputy principals at primary and post-primary level are invited to view a live webinar with a HSE Public Health doctor and an Assistant Secretary of the Department of Education.

Schools are sustaining their operations in a Covid-19 context and the rate of Covid-19 among school communities has been consistently lower than among the general population. This is a testament to the measures are being carried out on a daily basis by the whole school community.

National data on Covid-19 within the schools setting for the first half-term are reassuring.

At this point in the term, many schools have dealt with their first experience of a positive Covid-19 test among the school community. In the first half term, 18 per cent of schools had dealings with public health at a local level.

This webinar provides an opportunity to hear from public health doctors supporting schools on a daily basis on the learnings to date, the enhanced systems in place to support schools and to answer some of the questions that arise most often for school leaders.

The agenda will cover:

- Principles of the public health approach
- Public health risk assessment in schools
- The enhanced schools teams
- Close contacts, testing and tracing
- Communications with parents and the school community


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