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Leadership Development

Leadership Development Leadership Development - Principals and Deputy Principals, Primary and Post Primary 

DATE:         15th October 2019
TIME:          1pm to 5.30pm 
VENUE:      Clare Education Centre

Worshop outline
School leadership is a hugely demanding job with on-going change a fact of everyday life. People in leadership are conscious of huge expectations on them and searching for ways to manage stress and share the burden of leadership.

We are also in a transition period as we move from hierarchical models to more participative, collaborative, team-based models that enable, empower and develop people. 

In this workshop, we want to look at a practical framework for thinking about how we can be effective around change, at how we can handle conflict and some of the destructive dynamics around leaders, and at ways to survive and stay in good shape as leaders.

Dr Seán Ruth
 is an Organisational Psychologist and author of the ground-breaking book, Leadership and Liberation: A Psychological Approach, 2006.

Since 1992 he has run his own training and development business and specialises in the areas of:
  • Leadership Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Oppression and Liberation
He also works as a facilitator of leadership/management teams, work-based teams, project committees and union-management groups and has designed and run a number of facilitator training programmes.

The model that he uses views leadership as a natural human ability that anyone has the potential to develop and use. From this perspective, leadership is a collaborative, non-hierarchical, two-way process of influence between leaders and those around them.

Course Properties

Course date 15-10-2019 1:00 pm
End Date 15-10-2019 5:30 pm
Capacity 40
Available place 32
Fee €20.00
Speaker Dr Seán Ruth, Organisational Psychologist and Author
Number Hours 4.5 hours
Location Clare Ed. Centre

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