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Applications of Pranic Healing in Education

Applications of Pranic Healing in Education

Course Description

As a teacher, forming close relationships with students, parents and colleagues is an integral

part of the profession. Prana, chi or life force/life energy is all around us. Relationships are an

exchange of energy. The quality of a relationship is influenced by:

-Our energetic investment in the relationship

-The quality or the ‘atmosphere' or 'energy’ of the environment

This course is conducted over three sessions as follows:

1. Wellness for Oneself

2. Energy Boosting Techniques & Creating harmony in Professional Relationships

3. Classroom Environment & Management of Children

Course Content
Session 1

- Discover how energy affects you physically, emotionally and mentally.

- Learn what ‘stress energy’ is and how it affects your life.

- Gain a thorough understanding of the chakras and energetic anatomy

- Learn about the basic principles of Pranic Healing and how they can apply to your


- Learn what meditation really is and how it can help you physically and emotionally.

- Practice simple and effective relaxation meditation.

Session 2

- Remove stress through the understanding of how energies work.

- Experience the Meditation on Twin Hearts to actively flush out stress energies. Also

experience inner peace and calmness to gain greater clarity and strength even in

demanding situations.

- Actively boost energy levels with techniques such as the ‘Tibetan Mental Physics’

and ‘Pranic Breathing’.

- Acquire the techniques to disconnect from stressful encounters and situations.

- Protect yourself from negative energy and draining interactions.

- Learn techniques to harmonise personal and professional relationships.

Session 3

- Experience a guided, practical children’s meditation which can be implemented in

your classroom. It only takes fifteen minutes!

- Experience and learn to incorporate breathing techniques for children to help 

with stress/anxiety/worry/fear.

- Learn about Teacher - Student Relationships on an energetic level.

- Discover how to organise a classroom environment to help increase conduciveness to 


- Learn how to improve concentration levels, focus and behaviour through the powerful

‘Superbrain Yoga’ technique which can be used in the classroom.
To see Pranic Healing Website go to www.pranichealinginireland.com

Facilitator: Úna O'Driscoll

Date:  January 22nd, 29th and February 5th 2018
Venue:  Clare Education Centre 
Time:  18.00 to 19.30

Course Properties

Course date 22-01-2018 6:00 pm
End Date 05-02-2018 7:30 pm
Capacity 30
Available place 0
Fee €10.00
Speaker Una O Driscoll
Number Hours 5
Clare Ed. Centre
Government Buildings, Kilrush Road, Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland
Clare Ed. Centre

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