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Webinar Series - Home School Community Liaison CPD (P) (PP) (SNA)

Webinar Series - Home School Community Liaison CPD (P) (PP) (SNA)

Webinar Series - Home School Community Liaison CPD

DATE:       Tuesdays - 9th, 30th January & Tuesday, 6th February 2024
TIME:        7pm to 8pm 
VENUE:    Online via Zoom

Webinar 1: Building Relationships:  The relationship is the Intervention. Tuesday 9th January

Relational work has been identified in research as the principal vehicle for change.  This workshop will explore the research showing the effectiveness of Relationship Based Practice. Schools are places where many relationships take place, the relationship with children, their parents, colleagues and also with ourselves. This works will explore the principles of relational work and how we can affect change through exploring the external and internal realities of people’s lives.

Webinar 2: Trauma-Informed Practice. Tuesday 30th January

HSCL’s work closely with people and families impacted by trauma. This workshop will explore trauma informed practices and their implementation.  It will delve into regulation techniques and how these can be used in challenging and high stress situations. This workshop will be hugely beneficial to HSCL’s.

Webinar 3: Full Circle CBT Skills Programme . Tuesday 6th February

Having worked as a HSCL, Nicole is acutely aware of both the rewards and challenges of the role. She has created this bespoke workshop for HSCL’s as a resource to implement self-care strategies based on the CBT model.  HSCL’s will be given space to examine the CBT strategies and create a self-care pan. The aim of this workshop is to create daily practices based on healthy cognitions, positive stress management and helpful behavior patterns.

Bio Nicola Culloty B.Ed. M.A CBT

Nicola Culloty is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. She offers online CBT to individuals experiencing depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions. Nicola provides onsite and online training to workplaces and schools. Nicola has completed a Masters in CBT and Diploma in Traumatology and PTSD. Nicola is specialised in the area of stress management and using CBT techniques to reduce anxiety, increase productivity and build relationship based practice in the workplace.

Course Properties

Course date 09-01-2024 7:00 pm
End Date 06-02-2024 8:00 pm
Capacity 1000
Tutor - Speaker Nicola Culloty
Select Hours 3
Location Online via Zoom

Course Full