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Promoting Positive Behaviour in Schools

Promoting Positive Behaviour in Schools

Promoting Positive Behaviour in Schools
(a series of collaborative workshops For Primary SchoolS)

This Workshop is suitable for both Primary Teachers and Primary SNAs

        17th & 24th September, 1st & 8th October 2019 (4 x Tuesdays) 
TIME:          4pm to 6pm 
VENUE:      Clare Education Centre

Practical hands on workshop to support teachers dealing with challenging behaviour.

This will provide on-going peer support or learning community where there is a group approach to problem solving.

Participants will develop a personalised roadmap that details positive and effective interventions for reducing challenging behaviour in their situation.

Course Overview
Positive and effective strategies are used daily by teachers to manage student behaviour and to enhance their learning environments. In these workshops the leader will facilitate discussion focusing on these positive interventions and the key considerations when establishing a staged approach to managing behaviour. In the interactive and productive workshops participants will share positive practice that reduces challenging behaviour in their classrooms. It is envisaged that teachers will explore the process of planning for challenging behaviour. Collaboratively, teachers will develop their own systematic, response for addressing Challenging Behaviour  while  promoting more positive engagement at the same time.

Topics for discussion:
  • Establishing a starting point
  • The importance of fostering trust and developing positive relationships
  • Using a framework to address a staged response to behaviour
  • Looking at the environment
  • Understanding why challenging behaviour may occur
  • Using interventions that reduce the potential of challenging behaviour
  • Strategies that promote alternative and positive behaviour
  • Teaching missing skills
  • Reviewing progress

Course Properties

Course date 17-09-2019 4:00 pm
End Date 08-10-2019 6:00 pm
Capacity 25
Available place 9
Fee €10.00
Speaker Marina Mulqueen
Number Hours 8 hours
Location Clare Ed. Centre

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