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TEST 2R Training - Trinity Early Screening Test

TEST 2R Training - Trinity Early Screening Test TEST 2R Training

DATE:      30th April 2019
TIME:       5pm to 7pm 
VENUE:   Clare Education Centre
COST:      €10

TEST 2r is a comprehensive assessment tool used to screen and pin-point the emergent literacy skills which a 5 - 6 year old child should have acquired.

The Trinity Early Screening Test for Reading and Writing (TEST2r) was created and researched by Dr Pauline Cogan.  It assists teachers to devise plans which meet the learning needs of each pupil. It is based on solid research and sound theoretical principles of early reading acquisition and reading failure and is normed on an Irish population with testing input from teachers in collaboration with Education Centres. It is administered to 5 to 7 year-old children and specifically designed for Irish Primary school children. It is suitable for use by both classroom and SETs. 

The teacher manual contains information on the theoretical basis for each subtest, the research evidence for its predictive success, as well as test administration and scoring directions. The Visual Stimulus Booklet and Scorebooklet enable the teacher to note the child’s response for each item and to develop TEST2r profile for each student. 

The rapid screener test made up of five subtests (tasks) are administered to all the children in a class as a means of formative assessment (Assessment for Learning – AfL).  If a child does not perform well in a particular subtest (or subtests), the SET will administer subtests 6-18 which are more diagnostic in nature in order to clarify specific subskill needs.   Once the test has been administered and scored, results can be entered on the online TEST2r website to generate a written report.  Based on these results, appropriate interventions are planned which are supported by resources in the teachers’ manual or from the listed online resources.

Further information on TEST2r Assessment kit is on, Blackrock Education Centre website or (01) 2365013.

Course Properties

Course date 30-04-2019 5:00 pm
End Date 30-04-2019 7:00 pm
Capacity 30
Available place 12
Fee €10.00
Speaker Geraldine Greene
Number Hours 2 hours
Location Clare Ed. Centre

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