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Numeracy Applications: Summer 2016

App Name

App Link

Strand / Strand Unit

Class Level(s)

Math Vocabulary Cards

Math Vocab Cards App

Math Language Development

3rd - 6th Class

Number Frames

Number Frames App

Number & Early Mathematical Activities

Infants – 2rd Class

Number Pieces

Number Pieces App

Number: Place Value

1st – 6th Class

Pattern Shapes

Pattern Shapes App

Shape & Space

1st – 6th Class

SAS Math Stretch

SAS Math Stretch App

Number, Algebra & Measures

1st – 6th Class

Number Line

Number Line Maths App

Number & Algebra

3rd – 6th Class

Place Value Chart

Place Value Chart App


3rd – 6th Class

Math Word Problems

Math Word Problems


Infants – 2nd Class

Scratch Junior

Scratch Junior App

Programming & Coding

1st – 6th Class

Maths Skills Builders

Maths Skills Builders App

Number, Shape & Space

Infants – 2nd Class

Explain Everything

Explain Everything App

Record Mathematical Work

1st- 6th Class


Skitch App

Maths in the Environment

1st- 6th Class

Tablet friendly numeracy sites that can be used to support teaching and learning include

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