History (3rd - 6th)

Early People & Ancient Societies

Stone Age - Introduction  

Stone Age - Lascaux Caves

Stone Age - Ireland

Stone Age -   Stonehenge

Bronze Age Peoples

Bronze Age -   Ireland


Egyptians –   Interactive Tour

Egyptians -   Pyramids

Egyptians - Gods


Greeks – Ancient   Art

Greeks - Acropolis


Roman – Introduction

Romans – Pompeii          


Celts - Ireland

Celts – Interactive Map

Early Christian Ireland

ECI – St. Brendan the Navigator

Early Christian Ireland - Sites


Vikings – Themepage

Vikings - Exhibits

Aztecs   - Tenochtitian          

Aztecs -   Introduction

Aztecs   – Articles

Asian Peoples - Ancient China

Asian Peoples –   Ancient China

African Peoples - Benin

Benin People - Introduction

Native American - Interactive

Native American - Tribes

Australasian -   Aboriginal

Australasian –   Aboriginal Peoples

*Aspects of food, farming, cultural / artistic achievements.

*Tools, weapons, faiths and beliefs

*Homelands, settlements, faith and work.

* Homes, language, myths and cultural / artistic achievements.

*Homelands, migrations, food, clothes and faith.

*Beliefs, migrations and relationship with Ireland.

*Faith, beliefs and religious practices.

*Arrival, settlement and life of these people.

*Homes, settlements and beliefs.

*Food, clothes and technologies.

*Cultural, artistic & story.

*Homelands, settlements and migrations.

*Homelands, settlements and migrations.

Life, Work, Society & Culture in the Past

Life in Norman Ireland

The Normans in Ireland

Mediaeval Life

Life in the 18th Century     
Life in the 19th Century

Life during World War II

World War II Timeline
Life in Ireland since 1950s

*Homes and settlements

*Relationships of different people

*Revolution & Rebellion

*An Górta Mór

*The story of WW2

*Events of WW2

*Home, travel, sport and cultural

Eras   of Change & Conflict

The Renaissance

The Reformation

Traders, Explorers & Colonisers

Theme of Exploration

Interactive: Early Voyages of Exploration

The Great Famine

The Industrial Revolution

World War 1

World War One

Interactive: World War 1 Map

Interactive: Constance Markievicz

Civil Rights Movement

Interactive: Story of Rosa Parks

*Life in Renaissance Italy

*Martin Luther

* Story of Christopher Columbus

*Interactive Journeys of Magellan, Cortés and Vespucci.

*An Górta Mór

*Industrial Revolution Inventions

*Life during WW1

*World War One

*WW1 The Western Front

*Role in Irish History

*Civil Rights Movement

*Civil Rights Stories

Politics, Conflict & Society

16th& 17th Century Ireland

Revolution & Change – America

Revolution & Change – France

Revolution & Change - Ireland

O’Connell – Catholic Emancipation

1916 – Foundations of the State

1916 – Foundations of the State

Northern Ireland – Conflict in Northern Ireland & Good Friday Agreement

Ireland, Europe & World – 1960’s

*Flight of the Earls

*American Revolution

*French Revolution

*1798 Rebellion

*Life of Daniel O’Connell

*Easter Rising

*People & Personalities

*Conflict in Northern Ireland

*The   Space Race

Continuity & Change Over Time


Food & Farming

Homes and Houses



Schools and Education

Caring for the Sick      

*Viking Clothes

*Roman Food

*Indus Valley Civilization

*Life on the Titanic

*Secret Annex – Anne Frank

*School in Ireland Long Ago

*Florence Nightingale


Stories People in the Past
Myths and Legends


*Irish Myths & Legends


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