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Online ICT Resources

Several local teachers have assisted in the correlation of subject based online resources. Most of these centre around Primary teaching, and have been presented as they relate to the National Curriculum. We are particularly grateful to David McMahon (Scoil Chriost Ri & PDST Advisor) who has put huge work into bringing this valuable resource together. We are hopeful that it will be useful to Primary Teachers in County Clare and across the country.

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Science (3rd - 6th)

All links below are aligned with the content of the Science Curriculum (1999). These resources are designed for use in the school and home
environment. All links can be accessed on PC, IWB and certain content is alsoaccessible on iPad / Tablet format.


Information & Interactive

Strand Unit - Objective

Living Things

Human Life - Senses

Human Life - Teeth

Human Life –   Brain

Human Life – Ear

Human Life – Diet /   Nutrition

Human Life -   Respiration

Human Life –   Skeletal System

Human Life -   Muscles

Human Life – Heart   and Blood

Plant Life -   Categories

Plant Life – Parts   of Flowering Plant

Plant Life – Growth

Plant   Life – Life Cycle

Plant   Life - Photosynthesis

Animal Life – Life Cycles

Animal Life - Insects

Animal Life - Habitats

Animal Life -   Habitats

Animal Life – Food Chains

Animal Life -   Investigations


*Teeth & Mouth Structure

*Features of Human Brain

*Inside the Human Ear

*Investigate Diet & Digestion

*Interactive Breathing Activity

*Investigate Skeletal System

*Muscle Functions

*Heart and Blood Functions

*Categorise Plants

*Label Flower Parts

*Plant Growth

*Life Cycle of the Plant

*Interactive Photosynthesis

*Life Cycles of the Frog & Butterfly

*Categorise Insects

*Investigate Habitats

*Investigate Habitats

*Interactive Food Chains

*Project Work

Energy & Forces

Light – Sources

Light - Shadows

Light   – Reflection

Light – Prism & Dispersion

Sound - Changing Sounds

Sound   & Hearing

Heat   – Conduction, Convection & Radiation

Heat   – Transfer

Magnetism – Facts / Activities

Magnetism   - Properties

Magnetism   – Attract / Repel

Electricity   – Facts / Activities

Electricity   – Simple Circuits

Electricity   – Circuit Experiments

Electricity - In our Daily Lives

Forces   - Friction

Forces   – Slopes / Gradients

Forces   – Motion / Levers

* Sources of Light

* Shadow Investigation

*Reflection of Light

*Interactive Prism

*Changing Pitch

*Human Ear & Sound

*Interactive Heat Quiz

*Interactive Heat Transfer

*Materials in our World

*Magnetic Properties

*Magnets Tutorial

*Energy Themepage

*Investigate Circuits

*Build Circuits

*Sources of Electrical Energy


*Forces Experiment

*Forces Investigation


Properties / Characteristics – Common Materials

Materials & Change – Solids, Liquids & Gases

Materials & Change - Effects

Materials & Change – Reversible & Irreversible

*Materials in our World

*Changing State

*Changing Matter

*Reversible & Irreversible Changes

Environmental   Care

Science & Environment -   Inventors

Environmental   Awareness - Pollution

Environmental   Awareness – Environment & Energy

Care for the Environment – Energy   Town

Care for the Environment – Energy   Conversation

Care for the   Environment – Environment and Energy

Famous Scientists

*Famous Scientists


*Renewable Energy

*Energy in our Locality

*Energy Conservation

*Wind Energy

*Investigate Works of Scientists

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