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Online ICT Resources

Several local teachers have assisted in the correlation of subject based online resources. Most of these centre around Primary teaching, and have been presented as they relate to the National Curriculum. We are particularly grateful to David McMahon (Scoil Chriost Ri & PDST Advisor) who has put huge work into bringing this valuable resource together. We are hopeful that it will be useful to Primary Teachers in County Clare and across the country.

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Maths (3rd - 6th)


Information & Interactive

Strand Unit-Objective


Place   Value – Decimals

Place   Value – Order Decimals

Place Value – Read,   Write & Order

Place Value –   Identify

Place   Value -Identify

Operations –   Subtraction Strategy

Operations –   Addition Strategy

Operations –   Addition Strategies

Operations –   Division Strategies

Operations –   Multiplication Table

Fractions – Compare   & Order

Fractions –   Equivalence

Fractions – Unit   Fractions

Fractions –   Improper / Mixed

Fractions –   Fraction of a Number

Fractions   – Convert to Decimals

Fractions & Percentages - Relation

Decimals & Percentages – Number Line

Percentages –   Interactive Problem

Number Theory – Factors & Multiples

Number Theory –   Prime Numbers

Number   Theory - Factorisation

Round decimals to one, two or three places

Read, write and order whole numbers

Identify place value in whole numbers

Mental subtraction tasks

Mental addition tasks

Estimate sums, products and differences

Place fractions on number line

Identify equivalent forms of fractions

Whole number operations

Improper fractions & mixed numbers

Relate Decimals and percentages

Order fractions, decimals and percentages

Express quantities as percentages

Problem based puzzle / game

Interactive   prime numbers sieve


Directed   Numbers- Ordering

Directed Numbers -   Number Line

Variables –   Patterns & Sequences

Variables –   Patterns & Sequences

Equations - Number   Equations

Equations –   Expressions

Equation - Bracket Work

*Identify and order positive and negative numbers on the number line

*Add simple positive and negative numbers on the number line

*Explore expressions with brackets

*Explore the concept of a variable

*Solve an algebra based puzzle

Shape   & Space

2D Shape – Classify   / Properties

2D Shape -   Tessellation

2D Shape - Tangrams

2-D & 3-D Shape   - Properties

2D - Shapes

3-D Shapes -   Properties

3D Shapes -   Investigations

3D- Shapes - Nets

Lines & Angles   – Estimate

Lines & Angles   – Name & Classify

Lines & Angles   – Classify & Describe

Lines & Angles   – Classify & Describe

Lines & Angles   – Triangles & Quadrilaterals

*Interactive sorting and classifying

*Tessellate 2-D combinations

*Tangram Puzzles

*Properties & relationships

*Plot co-ordinates

*Faces, edges and vertices

*Solve 3D Problems

*Investigate 3-D Nets

*Estimate, measure & construct angles

*Create, name and classify angles

*Estimate to 180°

*Estimate to 360°

*Sum of internal angles


Length - Standard   Units

Area &   Perimeter - Rectangle

Area &   Perimeter – Investigation

Area &   Perimeter – Geoboard

Area &   Perimeter – Estimate

Weight – Appropriate Units

Weight – Rename   Measures

Weight – Investigation

Capacity –   Measurement Units

Capacity – Rename Measures of   Capacity

Time – Read & Interpret

Time – Read & Interpret

Time – Interpret   Timetables

Time – Difference

Money - Operations

Money - Operations

*Measures of length

*Length & Width

*Calculating area

*Area of regular / irregular shapes

*Estimate area / units

*Estimation of weight

*Fractions / Decimal of Kilogrammes

*Weight investigation

*Units - litres and millilitres

*Fraction / Decimal of Litres

*Read 12 / 24 hour format

*Time based tasks

*Time based investigations

*Money based mental operations

*Money based deductions


Data   – Create a Graph

Data   –Read & Interpret Data

Data   – Compile & Use Simple Data

Data   – Investigations

Chance   – Likelihood of Occurrence

Chance   - Interactive Likelihood Task

Chance   – Possible Outcomes

Chance   – Frequency Table

*Collect, organise, represent and interpret data.

*Read and interpret pie charts

*Set and solve data based problems

*Problem based investigation

*List all possible outcomes

*Predict, perform and interpret outcomes

Mathematical   Language

Maths   Manipulatives

Problem   Solving

Interactive Maths   Dictionary

Virtual Maths   Manipulatives

Math Puzzles

Math Investigations

Word Problems

Word Problems

*Using appropriate vocabulary and language across all strands & class levels

* Backgrounds & Manipulatives for IWB

*Puzzles for Problem Solving

*Investigations for Problem Solving

*Differentiated Problem Solving

*Differentiated Problem Solving

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