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Online ICT Resources

Several local teachers have assisted in the correlation of subject based online resources. Most of these centre around Primary teaching, and have been presented as they relate to the National Curriculum. We are particularly grateful to David McMahon (Scoil Chriost Ri & PDST Advisor) who has put huge work into bringing this valuable resource together. We are hopeful that it will be useful to Primary Teachers in County Clare and across the country.

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Music,Visual Arts & Drama (3rd - 6th)

Music: Strand, Strand Unit & ICT Link

Descriptor of Resource

Listening & Responding

Exploring Sounds

Listening & Responding to Music

Listen to Music
·           Listen to sounds in the environment with an increased understanding of how sounds are produced and organised

·           Listen to and describe a broad range of musical styles and traditions, including familiar excerpts, recognising where appropriate its function and historical context

Song Singing

Songs for Teaching

DabbleDoo Music Literacy

Playing Instruments
·           Recognise and sing from memory a more demanding repertoire of songs with an awareness of the music's social, historical and   cultural contexts

·           Recognise longer and more complex rhythm patterns of familiar songs and chants

·           Use standard symbols with increasing fluency and accuracy to notate simple rhythm and pitch

·           Perform a range of playing techniques on a wide selection of percussion and melodic instruments

Improvising & Creating

Record Compositions

Composition Workshop
·           Select from a wide variety of sound sources (voice, body percussion, tuned percussion, melodic instruments and   technology) for a range of musical purposes

·           Reflect upon and evaluate his/her work and the work of other children
Visual Arts: Strand, Strand   Unit & ICT Link  Descriptor of Resource

Making   Drawings

Looking &   Responding
 ·           Experiment with the marks, lines, shapes,   textures, patterns and tones that can be made with different drawing   instruments on a range of surfaces, demonstrating increasing sensitivity and   control

·           Look at and talk about his/her work, the work   of other children and the work of artists
Paint & Colour


Looking   & Responding

Paint   & Colour Themepage
 ·           Explore colour with a variety of colour drawing   instruments, media and techniques

·           Look at and talk about his/her work, the work   of other children and the work of artists

Making Prints

Looking   & Responding
 ·           Experiment with more complex printmaking techniques

·           Look at, handle and talk about natural and manufactured objects for experience of texture, shape and pattern

Developing Form in Clay

Looking & Responding
·           Explore and discover the possibilities of clay as a medium for imaginative expression

·           Look at and talk about his/her work, the work of other children and the work of sculptors, including relief sculptures (prints or slides)

Making Constructions

Looking & Responding
·           Explore and experiment with the properties and characteristics of materials in making structures

·           Look at, investigate and talk about spatial arrangements, balance and outline in collections or photographs of natural and manufactured structures
Fabric & Fibre

Creating in   Fabric & Fibre

Looking   & Responding

Fabric   & Fibre Themepage
·           Explore and discover the possibilities of   fabric and fibre as media for imaginative expression

·            Look at, handle and talk about a variety of   fabrics and fibres for experience of tactile, visual and spatial qualities
 Drama: Strand, Strand Unit   & ICT Link  Descriptor of Resource
Exploring & Making Drama ·           Extend playing in role and in character to include the ability to accept and maintain a brief that has been decided on   by either the teacher, the group or himself/herself
Reflecting on Drama ·           Reflect on a particular dramatic action in order to create possible alternative courses for the action that will reflect more closely the life patterns and issues being examined
Co-Operating / Communicating in Making Drama ·           Develop, out of role, the ability to co-operate and to communicate with others in helping to shape the drama
Drama Activities ·           Broad range of drama activities

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