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Clare Education Centre Programmes

A RECIPE for Success (A Comenius Learning Programme 2015 - 2016)

Today’s educators face an enormous challenge in keeping students engaged, embracing new technologies and satisfying the constant demand for higher standards of education.
Clare Education Centre, in partnership with a number of local Primary Schools, aims to address this challenge of by exploring the potential of LEGO WeDo resources to meet curriculum objectives in subject areas such as Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Technology and Maths. The RECIPE project represents a pan-European initiative involving partners in Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Greece and Ireland, and involves using qualitative methods of action-research to investigate how schools can best work in partnership with Regional Educational Centers RECs across Europe to reduce Early School Leaving (ESL). Through the support of Mary Immaculate College initial teacher educators, students and the college’s LEGO Innovation Studio, pupils in the schools will have an opportunity to explore sets of theme-based robotics activities designed specifically for the primary classroom. Pupils will have the opportunity to build amazing mechanisms, wild animals and adventure stories, and then add movement with fun easy-to-use software whilst allowing students to exercise creative problem-solving and team-working skills. With a focus on creativity and collaboration, motivation and self-direction, and interacting with meaningful tools that expand mental capacities, it is intended that the LEGO kits will provide a unique 'hands-on, minds-on' experience that supports and enriches the entire learning process. The project is led by Rory McGann (ICT Lecturer in Mary Immaculate College) with the support of Clare Education Centre.

 Clare Education Centre recently hosted the RECIPE meeting of partners in education from across the continent.  See attached article printed in local paper - The Clare Champion, May 15, 2015
Also attached article printed in InTouch magazine April 2014

Promotional Video - Ennis, Ireland

Trailer Ireland


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